What's in the box?

Good question, each month you'll get a bag of amazing freshly roasted coffee. Alongside your coffee you'll receive a delightful bespoke treat, and a pack including cupping notes, an exclusive seasonal recipe from an artisan food expert.


Ooh, where's the coffee from?

Another good question. Each month you'll receive an exclusive coffee from a different speciality roaster based in either North America, Europe or Australia. Each bag will be packaged by our friendly roasting partners in their own bags, bottles or boxes and we'll pass them on to you. 


Wow, how much coffee will I get?

Gosh, you're really good at asking just the right question, aren't you? Most roasters will produce coffees in either 226g (8oz), 250g, 300g or sometimes 340g (12oz) packs. We'll let you know each month what you'll be getting.

We love the range of packaging and amazing design that's available in the coffee community we want to be able to offer you that experience. 

So you can enjoy the same coffees as coffee lovers in New York, Melbourne, Seattle, Stockholm, Berlin and pretty much anywhere else that loves truly delicious small batch specialty coffees. 


Will the box fit through my letterbox?

Most of the time, yes it will -assuming you have a fairly standard sized letterbox. However, sometimes the roasters we're working with use bottles or square boxes, which just wouldn't fit through. If you want us to repackage anything that might not fit through your letterbox just let us know.


But, I'm going on holiday for three weeks!

Okay, just hit 'Pause' and we'll hold off on the coffee for a month. And, don't forget the sunscreen! 


Golly, that's good! Anything else? 

What an apposite question. In fact there is... all of our subscribers get a 10% discount off any equipment they purchase from our store!


A 10% discount on equipment? What's the catch?

As long as you're a subscriber you can enjoy your coffee and save on some beautiful new brewing kit once we launch that bit of the store soon!

Sounds Great! How do I sign up?

You can either pay monthly or pay up front, it's up to you.